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News article2 May 2024European Research Executive Agency3 min read

European Union ingredients and Chef Guntas Sethi take centre stage in the “Zero Waste Kitchen: Where Sustainability Meets Flavour” networking event

“Zero Waste Kitchen: Where Sustainability Meets Flavour” networking event the European Union (EU) put its commitment to safety, quality, authenticity, and sustainability in the food and beverage industry centre stage.

Lucky attendees had their taste buds tantalised and their ideas about sustainability challenged with Chef Guntas Sethi at the European Union’s (EU) exclusive Zero Waste Kitchen: Where Sustainability Meets Flavour event. This showcase of EU ingredients was the first in a series of collaborations with Chef Guntas Sethi, the More Than Food Campaign Ambassador. The event, hosted at the chic Juliette Ristorante and Bar in Mumbai, highlighted the EU’s unwavering commitment to safety, quality, authenticity, and most importantly, sustainability in the food and beverage industry.

The Journey of Sustainable Flavours

Following an introduction by a member of the Consortium, Chef Sethi kicked off the event with a presentation highlighting the campaign's details, EU quality schemes, and values, with a special emphasis on sustainability. Guests were then treated to a delightful 3-course meal featuring dishes such as Shiitake Mushroom Arancini with Spicy Tomato Chutney, Chorizo Hash, Pesto-marinated Grilled Halloumi, Prosciutto-wrapped Stuffed Chicken, and Dark Chocolate and Mandarin Mousse. 
Throughout the event, Chef Sethi shared valuable insights on repurposing ingredients to minimize wastage in the kitchen, attracting many questions from the audience who were keen to understand how to implement this in their kitchens – and help their audiences do the same.

Showcasing the Best of European Union Produce

The event showcased a wide range of product categories from various EU member states. Hero ingredients included fruits & vegetables from France and the Netherlands, cheese from Bulgaria and Poland, meat from Belgium and Spain, olive oil from Portugal and Greece, and chocolates and other baked goods from Germany and France. Several GI products were also displayed, such as Parmigiano Reggiano, PDO from Italy, and Chania Kritis, PGI from Greece. In total, 12 member states were represented through the products used in the menu, products on display, and the products in gift hampers.
The "Zero Waste Kitchen" event was highly interactive, with attendees actively engaging in discussions about sustainable practices in the kitchen. The distribution of Feta, PDO and Chania Kritis, PGI by Chef Sethi further captivated the audience, making the culinary experience both educational, enjoyable and filled with European flavour.

A Gathering of Industry Professionals and Influencers

Picture this: a room filled with 29 influential guests, including media, social media stars, importers, retailers, and HORECA professionals, all gathered to experience the magic of EU ingredients. The guest list was a who's who of the culinary world, with notable attendees like Chef Rakhee Vaswani from Palate Culinary Academy, Chef Yorrick from Damati Foods, Nikita Shah from Salt in All, Darshan Soneji from Urban Platter, and Rajni Chandhok from Chenab Impex. 
And let's not forget the popular food influencers who graced the event with their presence, like Vidhi Doshi and Himanshu Shukla. Even key figures in food and feature media, such as Shraddha Kamdar (Deputy Editor, Femina) and Vaibhavi Risbood (Editor, The Times of India), couldn't resist the allure of this incredible event.

Conversations Fuelled By Great Food 

Attendees were highly engaged throughout the event, asking many questions about the sustainability and zero waste concept. One attendee remarked that the event was a conversation fuelled by great food, given its high level of interactivity. As the event concluded, guests expressed their eagerness to taste more and learn more about European foods and beverages. The evening ended with specially curated gift hampers, ensuring a continued culinary journey at home.

The "Zero Waste Kitchen: Where Sustainability Meets Flavour" event was a resounding success, showcasing the European Union's commitment to promoting sustainable and high-quality food and beverage products while creating meaningful connections in the industry.


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Zero waste kitchen: where sustainability meets flavour
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Zero waste kitchen: where sustainability meets flavour



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